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How to Stop Hiccups?

In my previous articles, we did talk about Hiccups, causes of their occurrence, especially in babies what are the complications medical conditions associated with hiccups . The writing piece that entitled “How to get rid of Baby Hiccups?” and “How to get rid of hiccups fast?” also included a few natural remedies that would have surely helped you to get rid of hiccups, quickly and effectively. Although this article is in continuation of my previous pieces but, here we will discuss 3 simple methods to stop hiccups. Each of the headings is followed by a few ways that can ease the diaphragm and stop hiccups quickly. Before we move on to the methods, below is a quick memo of the previous articles but, it is just a short and simple recap and you have to go through the whole article to get the entire information about hiccups.

“The Recap Article”

Hiccups are referred to as sudden involuntary contractions of your diaphragm muscle. This is because, as the muscle contracts the opening between the vocal cords shuts closed to check the flow of air. This eventually makes the sound of hiccups. These are associated with a variety of ailments, ranging from normal to severe.

Common Causes of Hiccups:

  • Eating too fast.
  • Smoking
  • Chewing gums.
  • Carbonated drinks.
  • Alcohol
  • Digestive disorders.
  • Stress, tension, and fatigue.
  • Acid reflux.
  • Liver malfunctioning.
  • Brain tumors or strokes
  • Anything that irritates the diaphragm
  • Hiccups also occur to prevent the person from choking

Common Symptoms of Hiccups:

Hiccups are simply irritable spasms that are triggered suddenly and then cures on its own after a few seconds. They generally do not last longer than a few seconds in normal individuals. Unless they are suffering from a medical condition.

Hiccups in Babies:

  • Babies are generally not affected by hiccups and if they do, the reasons are same unless the baby suffers from a medical condition.
  • Hiccups can often trigger in babies while feeding them or when you actually over feed you, babies.
  • It often also serves as an aid of burping in infants, though they typically do not bother your baby and go away after a few seconds.
  • It can also be a result of a Gastroesophageal reflux disease in your baby. Nothing to worry about as it is quite common and a temporary thing. This happens when the babies regurgitate their stomach contents in the esophagus, thus causing mild pain.
  • This may require you to seek medical help immediately as no natural remedy would basically work.

how to stop hiccups

Top Methods to Stop Hiccups 

1.) Chilled Water to Stop Hiccups 

This is a kind of swallowing hiccups technique, that only a few of the individuals are aware of. This method works best on children and teens than on adults. As they may have to try it a few more times than the children.


  • Simply fill a glass with chilled water.
  • Put a straw and suck the water.
  • Continue doing this until the hiccups are gone.
  • This is an effective method to stop hiccups quickly.

2.) Two Straws Instead of One 

Here you will have to use two different straws but, will suck water from one of them only. Confused? Follow the steps given below:

  • Simply take a glass of water and place a straw in it.
  • Place another straw in your mouth and the other end beside the glass not inside.
  • Now suck the water like you normally do.
  • This will allow you to suck the air along with water.
  • This acts as an excellent remedy to stop hiccups quickly. 

3.) Drink Without Using Hands 

This process will divert your mind towards trying to the drinking water since your body is not familiar with this newly discovered technique of drinking, so your concentration will be more towards it than on the hiccups. This will gradually lower down the intensity and eventually help to stop hiccups effectively. 

  • Place a glass of water on a stool or a chair.
  • Sit on a chair in front of it. 
  • Bend down and try to gulp in as much water as possible. 
  • This it to be done without tilting, holding or even using your hands to touch the glass. 

4.) Enjoy Your Favorite Sweet

Consuming sweets will tend to overload the nerve endings in your mouth, in then meanwhile the sweet sensation will help to stop hiccups by slowing their intensity. 

  • Simply enjoy any sweet that you must have lurked for, but couldn’t savor the taste due to the ongoing flat belly regime. 
  • In case no sweets are instantly available, go for a spoonful of sugar. 
  • Place it on your tongue. 
  • Let the sugar slowly melt in your mouth.
  • Do not swallow or chew. 
  • The smooth, gooey texture of melted sugar will resolve the issue. 
  • Thus, helping to stop hiccups easily and quickly. 

5.) Suck On a Lemon Slice 

The sour taste of lemon is too overpowering for your mouth it takes a bit of your energy to swallow the juice in your gut. Hiccups usually occur due to an involuntary spasm and any other spasm when acts as a counteract in the process will eventually help tom stop hiccups. This remedy quite helps us because your mind now diverts from the hiccups towards the irritation caused due to the sour lemony tinge in your gut. 

  • Simply suck on a freshly cut lemon slice. 
  • You can also store a few slices in an airtight bag.
  • Place it in the refrigerator and consume the next time your hiccups trigger. 
  • This is an alternative for your convenience and prevents from running out of stocks when you are in an immediate need. 
  • You can also add a few drops of Angostura Bitters on the lemon slice. The taste enhances the effectiveness of lemon and works more effectively to stop hiccups, even quicker that just the lemons. 

6.) Savor the Sourness 

Pickle juice or vinegar is your remedy to stop hiccups, working same as to what lemon does to your gut. 

  • Simply get a jar of old pickle, lemon preferred. 
  • Try to get the juices from the pickle that have now settled at the base of the jar. 
  • Half a teaspoon would be enough. 
  • Have this and you will see your hiccups are gone within 7-10 seconds. 
  • In case you don’t have a pickle, use vinegar with the same procedure. 
  • Applying either of the remedies will help to stop hiccups quickly. 

7.) Savor Peanut Butter 

The gooey consistency of peanut butter does the trick. When you swallow the peanut butter, your mind diverts in chewing and getting rid of that sticky thing from your tongue and all over the mouth. This way your breathing patterns are also interrupted. Thus, making it an effective home remedy to stop hiccups quickly. 

  • Simply take a tablespoon and fill it with peanut butter. 
  • Take in an ample amount, do not act stingy. 
  • Place this spoon full of peanut butter in your mouth. 
  • Let it slowly melt inside. 
  • Do not chew or swallow, no matter how tempting it feels. 
  • This will help to stop hiccups within a few seconds. 

8.) Diverting Your Mind

This method is quite dangerous and involves precautions. If any kids are reading, please its a request to either take parental guidance or skip this trick. Do not try to act smarty pants when you are actually not. This can prove severely dangerous and is not just a matter of some prick or scratch. 

  • Fill a glass with chilled water. 
  • Put a small piece of toothpick in it or anything that just cannot get into your mouth. 
  • Be sure to not use anything that has germs or other infection. 
  • Now, drink the water from the glass and try concentrating on that thing, you don’t have  to swallow. 
  • Slowly drink the water while maintaining direct eye contact with that alien. 
  • This way your mind will start thinking that What is that thing doing in your glass of water?
  • Devoting your cent percent towards that alien thus, reducing the intensity and help to stop hiccups. 

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