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How to Stop Smoking Weed?

If you really want to back to your normal life and want to stop smoking weed then you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will discuss the how to stop smoking weed. It’s not easy to stop smoking weed for those who are psychologically addictive, it’s only possible when you are mentally prepared to willing to give up this brutal habit. Marijuana gives you short relief from mentally, but the short relief of marijuana gives you long term side effects because it is a highly toxic drug that ruins our body badly. If you are taking marijuana, then you should be aware of negative physical and mental effects of marijuana drug. So if you really want help and want to live your normal life without this drug then just follow the best ways to stop smoking weed.

Marijuana means weed, is a plant which is highly used as drugs and medicine. It can be used in the form of smoking, vaporization, extract and food. It’s widely used for its mental and physical effects which give a high and stoned feeling. After taking marijuana people change its perception, heightened the mood and increase your hunger. It is also used in the religious and spiritual purpose. But this drug is illegal in all over the world and united states.

Short Term Side Effects of Smoking Weed:

  • Red eyes when you smoke weed.
  • Short-term memory.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Feeling of anxiety and paranoia.
  • Impaired motor skills.
  • Hallucination

Long Term Effects of Smoking Weed:

  • It decreases the mental ability.
  • Changes in behavior whose mother smokes weed.
  • Decrease the IQ level.
  • Lower Life Satisfaction.

Best Ways to Stop Smoking Weed

  1. Destroy Supplies to Stop Smoking Weed

Throw all the smoking stuff and pots which you used to smoke weed. If you don’t throw all these things from your house, it will make you again to smoke weed. But if you destroy those things, then you will  be less indulging in these things. Throw all lighters,  matches, bond container and roach clips. Check out all the places where you hide these things to get sure that you are not carrying any stuff which makes you again start smoking weed. What about the weed? Yeah, the main root of this problem, don’t throw the weed outside or somewhere, you just flush those weeds in your toilet so it will give you the satisfaction that it won’t come back.

Stay away from those people or those things that tempted for smoking pot again that smoke pot. Remove those paintings and posters, which make you think about marijuana again. if you have a contact number of a dealer or marijuana supplier delete that person’s number from your phone to stop smoking weed.

how to stop smoking weed

  1. Discuss Your Decision with Support System to Stop Smoking

Once you are ready to quite this brutal habit, you will so many helping hands for your help. Tell your decision to your close family members or trustworthy friends that you are taking this initiative and you need a support system to get rid of the smoking weed. If you really want to stop smoking weed, they definitely help you but don’t take the advice of those people who are still indulging in this activity which distracts you from the goal of stop smoking weed. Stay away from those people who still active in this activity. Don’t try to convince them to quit, but appreciate it if they won’t give you pressure for smoking. If the people give you pressure to join in, stay away from those people who doesn’t respect your choices and request. It sounds hard, but have to avoid those friends who highly indulge in this activity.

  1. Replacement Activity to Get Rid Of Smoking Weed

Replace your free time with activities which involve you mentally like talking to your close friends, watching your favorite show, reading books, go for long walks, read the newspaper and start cooking. Try to involve in those activities for a short period of time, which is easily reachable to you, that won’t make you feel irritated and boring. Playing guitar is also a good option to quickly and easily lighten up. You can also play with your pet which helps you to get rid of stress and smoking weed. If you really want to stop smoking weed try to take this initiative positively that will change your entire life. Watch your favorite songs and movies that make you smile and also sit with your friends who are not involved in this kind of activities, try it works!

  1. Ready for Withdrawal

The best thing about the weed is that its temporary urge which only takes 1-2 weeks to get over. Weed withdrawal starts with one day after when you stop smoking weed and hit you hard after 2-3 day if you maintain the control over you, it eventually leaves off after 1-2 weeks. You might not feel any of the experience, but you should keep this weed tricks in your mind while stopping weed. This the best thing you can do instead of going to that smoking pot. But you will definitely experience some symptoms after stop smoking weed.

Those symptoms like sleeplessness which easily cure by avoiding caffeine from your diet, decrease in appetite because of nauseated that can only be treated with bland food like eating the banana, rice, toast and eating apples which ease your stomach. When you left the marijuana, you feel irritability which leads to mood swings and you will easily get angry on the thing and noticed behavioral changes for a few days. It’s nothing, just a symptom of marijuana when it happens, take the back step and acknowledge the things and convince yourself that isn’t you. It’s a withdrawal, which you need to do again and again to stop smoking weed.

  1. Make a Different Routine to Stay Away from Smoking Weed

Find a different routine to get rid of a smoking pot which was a common part of your routine. You should change your routine so that you won’t miss the smoking pot badly for getting high. Try to wake up early in the morning so that yo eats breakfast and take shower on the right time to boost fresh and positive energy. Change the route of your work or school and sit those people who are not involved in this kind of activities. Eat something different for your lunch to ease the stomach. Change the place when you want to study and if you are studying in the bedroom, start studying at the coffee shop and library which leads to distracting you from the coffee shop. Don’t skip the meal and also try to eat proper food which helps you to stay healthy.

  1. Control Urges and Stick to it to Prevent Smoking Weed

While leaving smoking weed, you will often get urges to start smoking again and it’s essential to know how to react to the cravings to stop smoking weed. To avoid those cravings, you have to change certain things and stick to it. Change the location that triggers smoking weed, don’t go to the place that makes you smoke again like friend’s basement. Changing the environment is the best thing you can do to stop smoking weed. Breathe deeply like inhale the air in your mouth and keep it in the lungs for 5-7 seconds and the breath it out. Repeat this you will feel so calm and relaxed to avoid the urge. Drink more water when you get an urge to smoke weed.

Stick to the plan, if you really want to stop smoking weed. You can’t break the rule in the mid of the plan to get in that habit again. If you are successful in controlling the urge, then don’t indulge in that habit again. Stick to your plan, as we have heard that it take 3 weeks to make and break the habit. When the 3 weeks passed you will be completely get rid of the smoking weed. Celebrate this good initiative every month that how you have stopped smoking weed.

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