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How to Stop Tooth Pain?

Are you feeling that unbearable pain in your teeth? Tooth pain triggers when you have inflamed pulp, which caused tooth decay, sharp pain with exposed roots and dental trauma. It’s an extreme and unbearable pain that caused around your jaws. It triggers when the center part of the tooth, which is commonly known as pulp gets inflamed and irritated. Tooth pain is a type of orofacial pain which has an impact on our eating habit, sleeping and other activities. The tooth pain depends on extra care like filling, extraction, root canal treatment, drainage and other medical procedure stop tooth pain. But if the pain is minor and can cure at home, then this article is for you. In this article, we have shared different methods to stop tooth pain. But before moving to methods you must be aware of symptoms and causes of tooth pain.

Symptoms of Tooth Pain:

  • Pain generally in the mouth, especially in your tooth.
  • A constant, sharp and throbbing pain in your tooth.
  • When you apply pressure on your teeth.
  • Extreme pain in gums and swelling.
  • You feel bad taste and odor in your mouth.
  • A headache and fever.

Causes of Tooth Pain:

  • Injury
  • Damage and Loose filling.
  • Cavities in your tooth.
  • Doing repetitive motion like chewing and grinding.
  • Infection at the root of gum.
  • Broken and a chipped tooth.
  • Gum infection.
  • Joint disorder

Tooth Pain Triggers:

  • Putting pressure on a particular tooth.
  • A sweet food that triggers cavities.
  • Biting anything.
  • Various foods that cause a sensation and cold drinks.

Methods to Stop Tooth Pain

1.) Garlic for Tooth Pain

Garlic has the power to stop tooth pain. Using a garlic can give you immense relief from a toothache. Its antibiotic in nature and also has other medicinal properties, which are very effective reducing pain and inflammation caused by the tooth pain. For this remedy to reduce tooth pain, Take a fresh garlic and crush the garlic cloves to make a paste. Add salt or black salt in the crushed garlic paste, apply the paste on an inflamed tooth to stop tooth pain. You can use garlic cloves for chewing that will also alleviate the pain of the tooth. Continue this remedy for a few days until it gets cured.

How to stop tooth pain

2.) Onion to Stop Tooth Pain

The onion is a very convenient method to stop tooth pain. The medicinal properties of the garlic, make it a good relief from tooth pain. It is antimicrobial and antiseptic in nature to heal a tooth pain. It also fights against the germs and infection to stop tooth pain. For this remedy to alleviate tooth pain,  if you are getting the first sign of tooth pain, take a fresh onion and chew it for a few minutes to get relief from the tooth pain. If you able to chew the raw onion, then take one small size slice and place it on the inflamed tooth.

3.) Cloves to Get Rid of Tooth Pain

Cloves are mostly known to stop tooth pain. It has different and effective properties which fight against the infection and helps to get rid of tooth pain. The various properties of cloves are, it is antibacterial, antioxidant, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory in nature which easily gives relief from the bad tooth pain. For clove, remedy to reduce tooth pain, take 2 cloves and grind it well. Mix the vegetable oil or clove oil in the grind clove powder. Apply that paste on the affected area to relieve tooth pain. You can also use another method, take a cotton swab and soak into the clove oil. Rub the affected area to reduce the inflamed tooth pain. You can make clove oil mouthwash, by adding a few drops of clove oil in the half glass of water to remove debris and infection.

4.) Vanilla Extract to Get Rid of Tooth Pain

Vanilla extract is very effective when it comes to stopping tooth pain. It’s a very home remedy to treat the tooth pain. It helps in numbing the pain and give calm effects to the tooth. For vanilla extract remedy of tooth pain. Take a vanilla extract in one teaspoon and dip one cotton ball. Apply the cotton ball on the affected area to get relief from tooth pain. Do this remedy until you feel the result to stop tooth pain.

5.) Guava Leaves to Stop Tooth Pain

Guava is a delicious and cure of many problems, the leave of guava also have shown the magic to relieve tooth pain. The guava leaves one of the effective treatment to stop tooth pain. It has different properties like antimicrobial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties to alleviate the tooth pain. For guava leaves remedy to heal tooth pain, take a fresh guava leaf and simply chew it. The juice of guava leaves gets extracted from the leaves and start working on the affected tooth. If you want, you can replace the guava leaves with spinach leaves in the way to alleviate the tooth pain. You can make guava leaves mouth wash to get relief from a toothache, just boil a few leaves of guava in boiling water and then cool it. Strain the solution and use this solution to stop tooth pain.

6.) Wheat Grass Juice for Tooth Pain

Wheat grass very natural remedy to stop tooth pain. The antibacterial properties of the wheat grass help to reduce a toothache. It fights against the infection and the cavity, which give relief from tooth pain.  You need to extract the wheat grass juice and use it as a solution for mouthwash to get rid of tooth pain. It reduces the toxin and bacteria from the gums. To under control the infection and the growth of bacteria, use wheat grass juice as a mouthwash to get relief from the tooth pain.

7.) Cold Compress to Prevent Tooth Pain

A cold compress is an instant cure to stop tooth pain. The cold temperature of the ice cubes helps to get rid of a toothache. You can use storage bag with full of ice, cover it with cloth and apply it on the outside skin where the pain is occurring. If the pain gets an increase, use warm compresses to calm down the pulpit. Do not touch ice directly to the inflamed tooth as it will give you more pain and cause sensitivity.

8.) Painkiller to Reduce Tooth Pain

When not in the mood of doing any remedy, take a painkiller to stop tooth pain. If you are in a hurry and wants an instant relief from a toothache, then use painkiller which is anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen to get relief from the tooth pain. Tooth pain has a great impact on eating, sleeping and while speaking. Over counter medicine can help you to get rid of tooth pain. If you feel extreme pain in your tooth and radiation from any part of the area such as ear, throat, and head, then immediately consult with a doctor to stop tooth pain. Take medicines according to the usage written on the label. You can also use Tylenol to get relief from the tooth pain.

9.) Clean your Mouth to Stop Tooth Pain

Clean your mouth regularly to get rid of a toothache. When you eat something, some pieces of the food get stuck in the tooth and triggers cavity so the tooth pain gets the start. You can use various things to clean your mouth and happy. Use dental floss around your teeth to cleanse the debris and cavity. First, you should know how to use dental floss to clean the teeth, take the floss in the upward direction, then takes it back, forth across the tooth so the floss is successful in removing the left particles of food to stop tooth pain. Keep brushing the area until the left pieces come out. Brush your teeth many times in the day, especially in the particular area where the debris gets collected to stop tooth pain. Follow all the methods to stop tooth pain, if you still are not getting immediate relief than consult a doctor for your dental problem.

10.) Use Sea Salt for Tooth Pain

Sea salt to get rid of tooth pain. Toothpaste helps you to cure the mild infection. By doing gargle with sea salt water help to clean the debris. It cleanses the tooth and also removes the left food. For this remedy to stop the tooth pain, you need to add sea salt in warm water and do gargle with it. Do this daily to stop tooth pain.

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