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How to do Eyeshadow?

After writing about how to apply foundation?, how to apply concealer?, and how to apply blush?, Here is our next article on how to do eyeshadow? Your facial makeup is incomplete without eyeshadow. Your eyes are beautiful, but if you really want more arresting eyes then apply eyeshadow on your eyes. Eyeshadow is very common makeup use to highlight the eyes. It is generally applied to the eyelids and below the eyebrows to add the dimension and depth to the eyes. Your eyes become larger and attractive after applying the eyeshadow. It is available in much different textures and colors. Eyeshadow enhances the eyes and makes it more attractive. It usually in the form powder, mica and can be in the form of a mousse, liquid, and pencil. Eyeshadow is mostly used by the females, but men use it occasionally. You have to choose the eyeshadow, which matches to your skin tone. It takes little time and practice to do eyeshadow perfectly. In this article, we have shared the best methods to do eyeshadow.

Best Method To Do Eyeshadow

1.) Discover Your Eye Shape Before Starting:

Before you start with the shading technique, it is necessary to know the exact shape of your eyes. Here is a list of different eye shapes so that you can choose one and make your task easier.

  • Hooded Eyes: In this case, when the eyes are open the creases and lid are not visible.
  • Downturned Eyes: In this case, the outer corner of the eyes are lower than the internal corners.
  • Upturned Eyes: In this case, the outer corners are higher than the lower corner of the eyes.
  • Almond Eyes: In this case, the outer and inner corners of the eyes are almost aligned.
  • Protruding Eyes: In this set of eyes, the eyeballs are set forward in the eye sockets.
  • Deep-set Eyes: These set of eyes have the eyeballs in the back of the eye sockets.

2.) Select the Right Shade to Do Eyeshadow

When you go to the store to purchase the eyeshadow, select the right hue, texture, and brand to do eyeshadow. Don’t get confuse with vast varieties. Many options will help you in choosing the best eyeshadows for you. It is available in every color and in a form of loose powder, cream, and compact powder. Loose powder is generally used to hide the pigments but it is hard to control as it is in loose form. You do not need to purchase the dozen of color for eyeshadow but you should have atleast 3 shade in the color palettes like light, medium and dark eyeshadow. Choose brown and gray, if you don’t want to look over. These both shades will give natural look. Otherwise, choose the color which attracts you and your style.

How to do eyeshadow

3.) Choose the Right Tool

Well, you can apply eyeshadow with your fingers but the finger is coated in natural oil and big in size which makes it difficult. Even the sponge brushes are not effecting on the pigment. Try flat brush to do eyeshadow on the entire lid. This brush perfectly covers pigments. You can also try soft and stiff dome brushes to apply eyeshadow to your line and to blend it outwards. Apply eyeshadow with a soft pencil near to your eyelashes, which are small and thin. It works efficiently on the eye corner, which is difficult to reach the area.

4.) Tricks to Do Eyeshadow

The trick to applying the eyeshadow is using the correct brush strokes and speed. Don’t rush while doing eyebrow and also wrong brush creates unattractive and messy eye shadow application. To do eyebrow, first, apply the pigment on the eyelid. Gently pat the eyeshadow rather than brushing your lid unnecessary. Instead of rushing and fast direction, use slow and short stroke which blend the hue. Try slow strokes rather than fast moves. Do not apply the eyeshadow directly on your eyes unless you are using a highlighter to avoid an overdone look.

5.) Do Normal Face Makeup to Enhance Your Eyes

It is the last step of this procedure, apply the normal makeup first before going towards to the eyeshadow. First apply your regular makeup like foundation, blush, bronzer and concealer before going to eyeshadow. It will be better if you apply a shadow primer as it helps the eyeshadow to last long for all the day. Otherwise, natural oil from the skin will seep through the eyeliner and get collected on the creases. Remember do not apply mask before doing eyeshadow, unless you are doing well professional smokey eyes so your eyeliner will come after your shadow.

6.) Fanned Shadow To Do Eyeshadow

Follow This:

  • First, choose a light shade to do fanned shadow. The lighter shade is nude color used to just highlight the eyes and is called highlighter shade. To do eyeshadow, use a stiff and flat brush to apply the eyeshadow in the corner of your eyes. Follow this direction by sweeping it up and down. Gather it on the upper and lower lash.
  • For the middle hue, select the color darker than the light shade means medium shade eyeliner. By using the flat brush, apply the eyeshadow on your entire eyelid. Apply it on the crease like above the crease and out from the corners of the eyes.
  • Give shape to your eyes by applying the darker shade with dome brush. Begin with corners of your eyes and sweep it to the center like a half-moon motion and area around the center of the crease. Maintain the darkest shade along your eyelash line and fade it away with direction as you move. Give fanned shape of an angled fan by drawing shadow up towards the end.
  • Merge the eyeshadow with the help of clean brush to the edge of your eyeshadow. First clean the brush with antibacterial cleaner, water or soap. Dry the brush with the help of clean cloth or towel. Use the soft sweeping brush to merge the 3 shades of the eyeliner.

7.) Use Banana Style To Do Eyeshadow

Follow This:

  • First, create a base over your eyelid with the help of stiff flat brush to do eyeshadow. Pat a medium hue to cover the entire eyelid of the eyes. If you want, you can add little smudge in the corner of the eyes with your highlighter shade. Add just below to your eyebrow to brighten your face.
  • Make crease corner with help of pencil and with the darkest color of eyeshadow to darken the crease. Brush your dark color back and forth across your entire lid to dark it. Make your eye look deep set. You can choose a regular banana style which is a shadow on the crease. You can also make a closed banana which is running down to meet your lashes. Make your shadow line thin on your eyelid.
  • Merge the color with a pencil brush, if you want a look that is pretty dark. Use the pencil brush to slightly blur the outer edges. Don’t merge your eye shadows too much as your eyes are completely highlighted.

8.) Rounded Shape to Do Eyeshadow

Follow This:

  • Add a middle tone to your eyeshadow over the eyelid. Use the stiff brush and add eyeshadow focusing on the middle of the center to coat your middle color eyeshadow in your eyelid. In this style, only middle and dark shade is required to cover your lid. Although, you can also select the highlighter for the best look.
  • Create an effect dark middle and dark. With the help of a domed brush, brush your dark shade to the inner and outer 1/3 of your outer lid. Try to avoid the eyeshadow too far inside the corner of your eyelid. For Dramatic look, you can drag the outer of the eyeshadow little upward towards the end of your brow.
  • Merge the eyeshadow to do eyeshadow in the rounded shape with the help of a dome brush. Merge both the shadows in the way to blend your color. Try to avoid dark hue in the middle of the eyelid as this will muddy the highlighted section you have created. Merge in the outer edges of the eyeshadow in a way to prevent the color blocking lines and section.

9.) Smokey Eyes to Do Eyeshadow

Follow This:

  • Add your highlighter with the help of flat brush. Apply the lightest shade inside the corner of the eyes and directly under your eyebrows. Highlighting the area will give you larger and bright eyes.
  • Apply the medium shade of eyeshadow with the help of a stiff brush to cover your eyelid entirely. Begin with the base of your eyelash line and take it slightly above the crease. Don’t over do the brush to meet your highlighter through.
  • To do eyeshadow with smokey eyes, use the darker color for applying the eyeshadow along the upper lash line with the help of the domed brush. Brush your bottom 1/3 and the entire lid. Then use the pencil, added more precise darker effect on your eyelash line.
  • Take it to the bottom line. With the help of pencil, add bit darker effect of your eyeshadow to your lash line. Begin with the outside corner and end with the inside corner to create an effect lighter as get closer to the inner tear duct.
  • Merge your eyeshadow with the help of a domed brush. It should be clean and blended properly to make your eyeshadow together. You have to create an effect of smooth graduation color so just take a few minutes to fade your eyeshadow from darker to slightly light in the middle hue. Avoid creating a dark line near to your eyelashes too much. As you don’t want to give the appearance that part looks too faded because of merging.

10.) Mistakes You Need to Avoid:

Follow This:

  • Don’t forget to use a primer before you apply the eyeshadow. It holds on the color for a longer period of time and prevents smudging and creasing.
  • Make sure that the brush you use is of good quality.
  • Use good quality eyeshadow that are blendable, buttery and pigmented.
  • Choose the right undertones and the right color that flatters your iris.
  • Make sure that you highlight the inner corners of your eyes.

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