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How to Treat Blisters?

Anybody can suffer from a blister. Walking so long, wearing a tight shoe,exercise etc. can be the reasons of suffering from a blister. Blisters are very common in moist feet than in clean and dry feet. If you are also suffering from blisters, this article is going to help you a lot. Read the article and get easy tips to treat blisters.

Top Ways to Treat Blister

1.) Give it Air Exposer

The first and foremost thing to cure blisters is to let them breathe. Give it as air exposure as much as possible for speedy healing. If you do not require your blister to wrap so cover it with the loosely with an adhesive bandage at the corners. So middle part comes a little up to allow air to flow through.

Clearly, the treatment of blister depends on, the wound is torn open or intact. If the blister is undamaged, then leave the skin without touching the wound and try to protect it from possible infection. In simple words, clean the blister clean and leave it around the skin to protect it from the outer dirt and infections. Doing so also minimize the pain related to the attached nerve ending on an open wound.

how to treat blisters

2.) Protect that Blister

When you are suffering from blisters, pick an adhesive bandage and cushion the wound and protect it from debris and infection. The reason behind this is also that the if there is the skin attached to the blister and covering they blister portion then leave it attached to protect the area from infection.

Keep it clean is the most important to keep your blister away from infection. If you want, then use a sterile gauze pad and gently urge the remaining fluid out of the blister. Now, cover the area with an antibiotic cream. An air tight occlusive bandage can also be used for speedy healing.

3.) Green Tea to Treat Blisters

With its anti-inflammatory properties, green tea is very beneficial to cure blisters. First, take three bags of green tea in boiling water, now add a teaspoon of baking soda  into it. Allow the tea to cool. Now soak your blister in it. Use can also use gauze to apply the solution if it is not possible to soak blister. If the blister is not popped then you can soak blister in the warm water to make it soft and to drain the fluid inside. This remedy will help you very effectively.

4.) Apple Cider Vinegar

There is nothing which cannot be cured by apple cider vinegar. Due to its antibacterial properties, it helps to cure a blister by protecting the popper part from infection. It remedy can be little stinky but will work amazingly to treat blisters. If vinegar application is painful, try hydrogen peroxide to wash the area with the antibacterial ointment.

5.) Topical Cream

The topical cream is a very important step for blister treatment. Clean all the dirt and debris from blisters. After cleaning it, you’ll need an antibacterial cream to apply on it such as Polysporin. It is a kind of gel antiseptic cream. Polysporin is also a good option as it gives cooling effects. Just keep the area clean and sanitized to keep away the infection and also speed the healing.

Apply an antibiotic ointment, gently and ensure that you are applying this on a clean area. You can use a hygienic wipe to sterilize the area and protect the area from infection by covering a clean bandage. You can also use tea tree oil before covering with a bandage. It is also one of the ways to prevent further infections.

6.) Vitamin E

With excellent skin repairing properties, vitamin E helps your skin to heal quickly and prevent scars. You use vitamin E oil or cream or a vitamin E pill. Take a vitamin E pill and pop it open. Squeeze and apply the liquid directly to the blisters skin.

7.) Use Cushion to Treat Blisters

A nasty sole of the heel may require some extra padding instead of a thick bandage is important to walk comfortably. If you are also suffering from the same pain, then buying the sheets of foamy adhesive pads is also fine. Simply, cut them into the required shape and fit as a padding as a cushion to the injury.

Air is the important thing for healing. Though, if you are not in the clean environment like home, then use bandages or foaming pads to prevent infection caused by  dirt or debris. To protect yourself from future blisters in the same area, buy and wear athletic socks or cover the area with a padded bandage to protect the area from rubbing.

8.) Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has many medicinal properties which can help you to cure many skin problems like pimples and blisters. It cures blisters completely. Mix the tea tree oil with olive oil or coconut oil. Smear this with the help of cotton ball. Apply this for 10 minutes and rinse it off with cold water. Using this remedy twice a day can help you to heal the blister.

9.) Turmeric to Get Rid of Blisters

Turmeric is very effective to treat blisters. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it cures the blister and protects from further infection. So apply turmeric on the blister and get rid of blisters.  Anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric are due to the compound called Curcumin. Combine turmeric with rose water and form a paste. Apply this on the affected areas and wash it with water after 15 minutes. Repeat this treatment for next two, three days to treat blisters completely.

10.) Sage to Cure Blisters

Widely famous in the culinary world, sage is also beneficial to treat blisters. It can also cure mouth ulcers as well as canker sores. Use dried sage to treat blisters. Boil a few leaves of sage in hot water and let the herb to infuse for 10 minutes. Apply the solution on the affected area for 30-60 minutes and wash it off with clean water. It can be very useful to treat blisters very effectively.

11.) Witch Hazel to Treat Blisters

Witch hazel is every effective to cure a wide range of health problems. This is the most popular remedy to cure blisters in America. Use witch hazel to get rid of blisters. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it very beneficial to treat blisters. The tannin present in witch hazel help to ease the inflammation and regulates the skin re-growth. Combine witch hazel with almond oil. Apply a thin layer of this oil on the blister or wound. Use this solution daily in order to treat blisters.

12.) Epsom Salt to Treat Blisters

Epsom salt can also be used to treat blisters. Using this as a treatment is very safe and reliable. It helps to dry the blister. It also encourages the speedy healing and prevents from the infections. Take  some water in a tub and mix Epsom salt. Now soak your blister in the tube for around 10 to 15 minutes. Apply  moisturizer right after you pat dry your skin. Use this remedy once in a day to cure blisters.

13.) Chamomile to Get Rid of a Blister

Chamomile has the ability to care almost every health issue. To treat blisters use chamomile essential oil to cure blisters. You can also use chamomile leaves to cure blisters. Brew some chamomile leaves in water for a few minutes. Now cover it up and let steep for 20-30 minutes. When it is cool, dip a cloth in the solution. Apply this on the blister for 10 minutes. Use this method for 3-4 times a day for at least a week.

14.) Plum Juice to Treat Blisters

Plum juice is also very effective to get rid of blisters. It helps to ease the pain and inflammation due to blister. Apply Pulm juice on the blister with the cotton ball and let it sit.

15.) Vaseline to Treat Blisters

Vaseline is a very effective and powerful remedy to treat blisters. Apply Vaseline on and around the area. It will stop the bacteria from spreading. Cover the blister with Vaseline in order to ease blister pain.

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